How a Paralegal Can Help in Document Preparation

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Probate documents are forms that cover the entire process of administration of estates to people with or without wills. This is done through court supervision. A paralegal is someone who is qualified and performs some specifically delegated legal work that a lawyer is responsible for. In some jurisdictions however, paralegals are independent legal practitioners. The individual is usually trained in legal matters and performs tasks that require the knowledge of the law or legal procedures. In preparing probate documents therefore, legal knowledge is required and a paralegal can be quite helpful instead of hiring a lawyer.

Once a client has hired riverside paralegal attorney, a paralegal may be responsible for drafting the clients’ documents. The documents may include; estate planning documents such as the will, healthcare directives and living wills. Another type of documents are probate estate documents. This type of documents includes; motions, petitions, testamentary letters, inventories and notices. The probate paralegals may also prepare inheritance tax returns, consents to transfer, letters to creditors and heirs, quit claim or personal representative deeds. The initial process in the administration of the estate of a dead person is proving that a will is valid.

The process involves filing the will with a clerk in the court and a petition to have the court approve the will and appoint an executor if not named in the will. After the court determines that the will is valid, it then admits it to the probate. The probate process involves fees set by statutes, publishing notices, court hearings, paperwork, the public nature of the proceedings and delays while awaiting creditors to file claims whether they are owed any money or not. Answering the clients questions may fall on the paralegal. The paralegal at may need to communicate with them on a daily basis to notify them on the progress of the process. This keeps the client updated on the progress and status of the case.

The legal process of planning an estate and probating one can be made hassle free if a paralegal communicates effectively. Informing the client of any scheduled meetings, hearings or depositions can help it move along in a timely manner. In the process of preparing the probate documents, a paralegal may be required to correspond with other professionals. In their line of work they might be required to attend will signings or file documents with the court. If you want to learn more about document preparation, you can visit


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